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Vocal Coaching

Online Zanglessen

Verbeter je vocale vaardigheden terwijl je je favoriete liedjes leert zingen! Deze coachingsessies worden op maat gegeven, en zijn geschikt voor alle leeftijden en alle stadia van muzikale ontwikkeling. Alle muziekstijlen zijn welkom! De coach Vinni Simonovic is een conservatorium gediplomeerd zangdocent, met meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in het coachen van enorme aantallen zangstudenten wereldwijd, van wie sommigen internationaal succes en erkenning hebben behaald (bekijk de YouTube-link).

Waarom zijn dit de juiste lessen voor jou?

  • Je bent klaar om je eigen authentieke stem te ontdekken
  • Je wilt je vocale capaciteit uitbreiden
  • Je wilt de conditie van je stem verbeteren
  • Je ervaart een blokkade als het gaat om jezelf uiten
  • Je bent klaar om je creativiteit te verkennen
  • Je vindt het heerlijk om te zingen!

Wat ga je leren?

  • Adembeheersing
  • Identificeren en uitbreiden van je stembereik
  • Zuiverheid
  • Resonantie & vibrato
  • Vocale dynamiek
  • Het ontdekken van je eigen authentieke geluid
  • Eigen liedjes leren schrijven
  • Improvisatie
  • Je zelfvertrouwen vergroten

Vocal coach Vinozita (Vinni) Simonovic with her student Bouke Scholten.

Boek 12 online lessen, krijg 2 online lessen GRATIS!

Losse les:

  • 30 minuten t.w.v. €35 – nu voor €25!
  • 60 minuten t.w.v. €55 – nu voor €45!


  • 12 x 30 minuten t.w.v. €420 – nu voor €250!
  • 12 x 60 minuten t.w.v. €660 – nu voor €450!

(Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW/VAT)

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Singing Lessons

Improve your vocal skills while learning to sing your favorite songs! These coaching sessions are fun, informative, and suitable for all ages and all stages of musical development. All music styles are welcome. The coach has over 20 years of experience in coaching immense numbers of vocal students worldwide, some of whom have achieved international success and recognition (check out the YouTube link).

Singing lessons are available in Dutch and English.

Why these might be the right lessons for you..

  • You are ready to discover your own authentic voice
  • You are ready to try something new, fun & deeply meaningful
  • You are ready to explore your creativity
  • You want to expand your vocal capacity
  • You are experiencing a block when it comes to expressing yourself
  • You are on a journey of self-discovery & personal development

What will you learn?

  • Releasing Fear of Judgment Techniques
  • Pitch Control
  • Resonance & Vibrato
  • Vocal Dynamics
  • Breath Control
  • Identify Your Vocal Range
  • Soft Guidance into Improvisation
  • Discover your Own Authentic Sound
  • Enhance Your Creativity

Singing is joy!

Book 12 live online lessons, get 2 live online lessons for FREE!

One Lesson:

  • 30 minutes, from €35 now for €25!
  • 60 minutes, from €55 now for €45!

Lesson Bundles:

  • 12 x 30 minutes, from €420 now for €250!
  • 12 x 60 minutes, from €660 now for €450!

(All prices include VAT/BTW)

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very accessible, and it is suitable for everyone – even for those who never tried anything like it before.

1. Relaxation and lasting inner peace
2. Releasing stress and anxiety
3. Health matters
4. Healing from grief
5. Exploring the transformative capacity of acceptance
6. Recovery from narcissistic abuse
7. (Re)discovering the tremendous power within you
8. Conscious manifestation of a wish
9. Experiencing the joy of simply Being

All WellBeing Coaching sessions are in English, Dutch or Serbo-Croat-Bosnian language. Individual or group sessions last 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Confidentiality is fully guaranteed. Under no circumstances will any private information of the clients/students be shared with any third party.

The sessions can take place at the company location in Old Hersonissos or online via Zoom.

For (tuition) rates, contact [email protected]. Sessions are pre-paid immediately after booking a session. If a cancellation is made a minimum of 24 hours in advance, there will be a rescheduled session. Please note, refunds are not offered under any circumstances.