Music Therapy & Singing Lessons

Music Therapy

Therapeutic use of music for stress relief, reduction of anxiety, improvement of cognitive functioning, promotion of physical rehabilitation, or enhancement of interpersonal communication by listening to (specific kinds of) music, playing or composing music, and dancing. Join the enthusiastic coach in these delightfully enjoyable exercises.

Singing Lessons

Improve your vocal skills while learning to sing your favourite songs! These coaching sessions are suitable for all ages and all stages of musical development. All music styles are welcome. The coach has over 20 years of experience in coaching immense numbers of vocal students – some of whom have achieved international success and recognition.

Singing is joy!

Frequently Asked Questions

This therapy is very accessible, and it is suitable for everyone – even for those who never tried anything like it before.

1. Relaxation and lasting inner peace
2. Releasing stress and anxiety
3. Health matters
4. Healing from grief
5. Exploring the transformative capacity of acceptance
6. Recovery from narcissistic abuse
7. (Re)discovering the tremendous power within you
8. Conscious manifestation of a wish
9. Experiencing the joy of simply Being

All WellBeing Coaching sessions are in English, Dutch or Serbo-Croatian language, but the essential benefits of each of these therapeutic methods go beyond words – or level of language proficiency. It is just as useful for those who have a limited vocabulary in any of those languages.
All individual or group sessions last 60 minutes. The sessions take place at the company location in Old Hersonissos, as well as in the beautiful tranquil nature of Crete, or at your (vacation) residence / lodging. Additional transportation costs may apply.


Online therapy sessions via Skype are also available.